chapter  I
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WHEN Captain William Keeling visited. Bantam in 1608, he met there an ambassador from the king of Siam.! He asked tllis dignitary to waner, and lea'med from him saine facts regar.ding the CGmmeroe and pr.oducts of Siam. He was told by the ambassador that "a thousand Clothes red, would vent in his Countrey in two dayes, and great quantitie yeerely; they clothing their Elephants and Horses ther.ewith." Gold, he was informed, was abundant, and of so good quality as to be worth three times its weight in silver, aond that precious soones occurred in great quantities and were cheap. He was also assured by his guest: that tlle king would account it a great happiness" to have commel'ce wir.h so great a king as his Majestie of 19n9land, with wham," the diplomatic ambassadar understood, "the king of Hanand was nat"