chapter  11
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The Tangential Development Pattern

This developmental pattern is in a sense anomalous, in that the people who score high on this factor and who tend to feel that they developed as a manager as a consequence of Henley are predominantly people whom one might not have expected to show such a pattern on the basis of prior characteristics. They tend to have been ‘buried’ in rather impersonal organizations. They tend to feel that they were nominated as a matter of ‘pure chance’ ; they came from work environments from which they felt alienated, and yet from the College experience they somehow emerged as from a chrysalis to take a new interest in their environments and their own potential in relation to it. Unlike the Metamorphics, however, they accomplish this by seeking a peripheral role for themselves whereby they can develop more or less in spite of their organizations. They may take up a position on the boundaries of the organization, and find outer-directed functions which benefit their organizations and themselves. In these functions and relationships they find new kinds of satisfaction and reward.