chapter  III
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List of Variables in Thirteen Key Clusters, and Weights assigned them

The clusters, which were arrived at through the use of McQuitty’s Hierarchical Linkage procedure as described in Appendix II, were used to establish scales for scoring individuals by allocating weights to items according to their cluster positions. As described in Appendix II, a number was arrived at that could be subdivided the necessary number of times to accommodate the items in the largest cluster found. This number was 512. Then each branch of the cluster was assigned half the weights successively until all of the items in the cluster were accommodated. Thus, if a cluster had only two branches with one item, the items would each be given a weight of 256. Individuals having both attributes would then be scored 512 for that cluster scale; individuals with one or the other attribute only would be scored 256; and individuals with neither attribute would be scored o.