chapter  Chapter XIV
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“The feature of the Turkish Treaty is the unmeasured aggrandisement of Greece, Her Empire in Europe will now stretch unbroken from the Adriatic to the Black Sea, and will include a big amalgam of subject races, Albanians, Bulgarians and Turks. Even more dangerous to her and to us all … is the attribution to her of Smyrna with a big hinterland.… The Turkish Treaty is said to be a success for Great Britain because (1) the control of the Straits will be chiefly naval and (2) because we have set up a puppet Government at Constantinople.… The only result, however, is that this palpably foreign régime in Constantinople wields power no further than our naval guns can carry. Signor Nitti, fresh from presiding over the Supreme Council, has stated his views frankly. He predicts a war in Asia Minor to which Italy will contribute neither a soldier nor a lira.”