chapter  6
Theology or anthropology?: Jaspers, religion and the revealed law
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The question of jaspers' relation to established religions is notoriously difficult to resolve, and it has been the object of a good deal of rather confused and inconclusive debate. jaspers himself states simply that he 'lacked - and therefore never had to get over - any specific ecclesiastical faith'. 1 He clearly documents his own early rejection of all formalized belief: which, in his own words, he found 'ridiculous'.2 Despite this, however, certain eminent commentators (including Sartre) have represented him as a religious existentialist,3 and many others have linked him quite emphatically with Protestant theolo~4-Interpreters in the latter category have construed his work as a critique of the doctrinal exclusivity of the Catholic church, and especially of its 'catholicity', or claim to universal knowledge.5