chapter  X
Competition, Conflict, and Specialization among Taxi-Dance Halls
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Before 1923 there were but two taxi-dance halls in Chicago sufficiently well established to be money-making concerns. These were the Athenian Dancing Academy,r the first suc-

cessful taxi-dance hall in Chicago, subsequently located at 1321 North Clark Street, and the American Dancing School, situated near the corner of Robey Street and North Avenue. The Athenian was first established in a small room of the Haymarket Burlesque Theater Building, located on the hobo's "main stem"! along West Madison Street. The first proprietor, Mr. Nicholas Philocrates, remained there only a short time, and is reported to have sold his hall to Messrs. Philip and James Menestratos." Philocrates continued his Athenian Dancing Academy at the new address on North Clark Street, the "Rialto of the Underworld,"3 while the Menestratos interests, as soon as their lease expired, moved to new quarters in the great Polish settlement on the Northwest Side and established there the American Dancing School.