chapter  XI
The Location of the Taxi-Dance Hall
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It is also suggested by this map that a location too near the periphery of the zone of furnished rooms is an uncertain venture. Thus the Royal Dancing Academy on West North Avenue, at the edge of the rooming-house district, in spite of excellent management', ' .s unsuccessful and was finally abandoned. The three or four efforts to establish a successful taxi-dance hall in a West Side location at the intersection of Sacramento Avenue and Madison Street have all proved futile. It is, apparently, too near the edge of the roominghouse district and hence fails through lack of patronage. Likewise, the best efforts of the proprietors to establish the Moonlight Dancing School near the intersection of Chicago


and 'Western avenues came to naught, apparently for the same reason. On the other hand, a location in the Jewish vVest Side, on Roosevelt Road near Hamilton Street, was apparently too far south to reach the rooming-house population. The taxi-dance hall that was started there soon failed. Even the Lane Dancing School, which for a time carried on an uncertain existence in the Lower North Community, on Division Street near Lane Technical High School, does not seem to have been sufficiently within the roominghouse area to be successful.