Björk: the Icelandic elf
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This sense of self-confidence and personal integrity was also reflected in her refusal to contribute three songs to the film Natural Born Killers. Written by Quentin Tarantino and produced and directed by Oliver Stone, it was to grow to cult status on the back of the high incidence of alleged copycat killings and the reluctance of many censors worldwide to grant it a certificate. Amos, it seemed, had fitted in perfectly with the plot which saw the heroine (Juliette Lewis) kill no fewer than 47 men. An added attraction was the possibility that Patti Smith might appear. Even so, she turned the opportunity down. Her reason revolved around the problem that her song ‘Me And A Gun’ was meant to represent peace in the movie. As she explained: ‘Well, if I represent peace, I’m not doing a very good job, am I? See it’s always been difficult for me to sing “Me And A Gun”. And when I sing, “I must get out of this”, I don’t mean go kill 47 people’ (St Michael, 1996, 112).