chapter  3
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There is a double root to every purposeful action. The most apparent of these is the desire of achievement. The other is more hidden; it is the outgrowth of the power that must be exerted to achieve success. There is a double stimulus: purposeful desire that our efforts attain their object, and an active motor stimulus that is massed under tension and strives to be discharged. Fundamentally the desire and this force are intimately associated, but on the surface of consciousness they appear distinct. Frequently a considerable effort is necessary to unite them. In this union volition is born. The latter is impulse controlled by purpose. On occasion these impulses with their stimuli may mislead us, but they are nevertheless the most important vital values at our disposal. Weak individuals

T H E O R Y O F S I M P L E E C O N O M Y 19

who lack them are not affected by examples of successful striving by their stronger brethren.