chapter  III
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Myth and Archaeology

GUAMAN POMA DE AYALA records an Indian tradition that there were four epochs before the Incas: the first or most ancient, called Auca Runa, probably 'warrior people', lasted for 2100 years; the second, called Purun Runa, or 'savage, lawless people', lasted 1100 years; the third, called Wari Runa, lasted 1300 years; and the fourth, called Wari Huiracocha Runa, or the people of Viracocha, lasted 800 years. Fray Buenaventura Salinas gives the same tradition in his Memorial de las Historias del Nuevo Mundo (1630) with the following periods of time for the four epochs: first epoch 1100 years; second epoch 1000 years; third epoch more than 500 years; fourth epoch more than 1000 years.