chapter  XIII
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The Happy Meeting of Monsieur du Pont

THE Friday, next day after our arrival, Monsieur de Poutrincourt affected to this enterprise, as for himself, put part of his people to work in the tillage and manuring of the ground, whilst the others were employed in making clean of the chambers, and everyone to make ready that which belonged to his trade. In the meantime those people of ours that had left us at Campseau, to come along the coast, met (as it were miraculously) with Monsieur du Pont, among islands that be in great number in 'those parts. To declare how great was the joy of each side is a thing not to be expressed. The said Monsieur du Pont, at this happy and fortunate meeting, returned back to see us in Port Royal, and to ship himself in the Jonas, to return into France. As this chance was beneficial unto him, so was it unto us, by the means of his ships that he left with us. For, without that, we had been in such extremity that we had not been able to go nor come anywhere, our ship being once returned into France. He arrived there on Monday the last of July, and tarried yet in Port Royal until the 28th of August. All this month we made merry. Monsieur de Poutrincourt did set up and opened a hogshead of wine, one of them that was given him for his own drinking, giving leave to all comers to drink as long as it should hold, so that some of them drunk until their caps turned round.