chapter  II
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Of the Imposing of Names

As for imposition of names, they give them by tradition, that is to say, they have great quantity of names which they choose and impose on their children. But the eldest son commonly beareth his father's name, adding at the end some diminutive: as the eldest of Membertou shall be called Membertouchis, as it were the lesser, or the younger, Membertou. As for the younger son, he beareth not the father's name, but they give him such name as they list; and he that is born after him shall bear his name, adding a syllable to it, as the younger of Membertou is called ACtaudin, he that cometh after is called ACtaudinech. So Memembourre had a son named Semcoud, and his younger was called Semcoudech. It is not for all that a general rule, to add this termination -echo For Panoniac's younger son (of whom mention is made in Membertou's war against the Armouchiquois, which I have described in the Muses oj New France), was called Panoniagues; so that this termination is done according as the former name requireth it. But they have a custom that, when this elder brother or father is dead, they change name, for to avoid the sorrow that the remembrance of the deceased might bring unto them. This is the cause why, after the decease of Memembourre and Semcoud (that died this last winter), Semcoudech hath left his brother's name, and hath not taken that of his father, but rather hath made himself to be called Paris, because he dwelt in Paris. And after Panoniac's death, Panoniagues forsook his name, and was, by one of our men, called Roland which I find evil and indiscreetly done, so to profane Christians' names and to impose them upon infidels: as I remember of another

that was called Martin. Alexander the Great (though he was an heathen) would not that any should bear his name unless he should render himself worthy thereof by virtue. And as one day a soldier bearing the name of Alexander was accused before him to be voluptuous and lecherous, he commanded him either to forsake that name or to change his life.