chapter  XXV
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Of the War

OF possessing of land cometh war; and, when one hath established himself in New France, some greedy fellow peradventure will come to take away the labour of honest painful men. This is that which many do say. But the state of France is (God be praised) too well settled for to be afraid of such tricks. ' We are not now in the time ofleagues and partialities. There is none that will begin with our King, nor make adventurous enterprises for a small purchase. And, though anyone would do it, I believe that the remedies have been thought upon already. And, moreover, this action is for religion, and not to take away another's goods. This being so, Faith maketh one to march boldly with assurance and to pass through all difficulties. For behold what the Almighty saith by his Prophet Isaiah to them whom he taketh in his tuition, and to the Frenchmen of New France: "Hearken unto me you that follow juflice and that seek after the Lord. Behold the rock out of which you were cut, and to the deep ~f the ciflern from whence you have been drawn "-that is to say, consider that you are Frenchmen. "Look to Abraham your father and to Sara who hath brought you forth, how I have called him, he being all alone, and have blessed and multiplied him. Therefore assuredly the Lord will comfort Sian," etc.