chapter  II
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The Voyage of Monsieur de Monts into New France

MONSIEUR DE MONTS, having maqe the commissions and prohibitions before said to be proclaimed through the realm of France and especially through the ports and maritime towns thereof, caused two ships to be rigged and furnished, the one under the conduCt of Captain Timothy of Newhaven,3 the other of Captain Morel, of Honfleur. In the firft he shipped himself, with good number of men of account, as well Gentlemen as others. And forasmuch as Monsieur de Poutrincourt was, and had been of a long time, desirous to see those countries of New France, and there to find out and choose some fit place to retire himself into with his family, wife, and children-not meaning to be the laft that should follow and participate in the glory of so fair and generous an enterprise-would needs go thither, and shipped himself with the said Monsieur de Monts, carrying with him some quantity of armours and munitions of war; and so weighed anchors from Newhaven the seventh day of March, 1604. But being departed somewhat too soon, before the winter had yet left off her frozen weed, they found ftore of ice-banks, againft the which they were in danger to· ftrike, and so to be caft away; but God which hitherto hath prospered the navigation of these voyages preserved them.