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Of these essays the earliest was written in 1956, the latest in 1970, Some-the first four and, I suppose, the eighth-look like what is known as 'research', and the remainder look like what is known as 'criticism', though they all felt rather alike in the writing. It does seem absurd of people to suppose that only the first kind or only the second can be good-especially teachers, who are paid to do both and to range between library and classroom. The difference is that the 'research' pieces are intended to apply to new information to, or contest existing solutions of, problems of the sort that exercise scholars, whereas the others are of a more explanatory nature and intended, in the first instance, for non-professors. I suppose the scholarly and pedogogical extremes might be represented by Chapters 4 and 9. But I very much hope that there is nothing here that does not contain something new, and nothing that defies the attention of all save the erudite.