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This necessarily brought the country to bring these things before Parliament; and the consequence has been, that turnpikes or toll-bars have been set up on the several great roads of England, beginning at London, and proceeding through almost all those dirty deep roads? in the midland

counties especially; at which turnpikes all carriages, droves of cattle, and travellers on horseback, are oblig'd to pay an easy toll; that is to say, a horse a penny, a coach three pence, a cart four pence, at some six pence to eight pence, a waggon six pence, in some a shilling, and the like; cattle pay by the score, or by the head, in some places more, in some places less; but in no place is it thought a burthen that I ever met with, the benefit of a good road abundantly making amends for that little charge the travellers are put to at the turnpikes.