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The Health of the Nation

Resolutions for the consideration of the Manchester Board of Health by Dr Percival, 25th January 1796-reprinted in Report of Peel's Committee H.C. 1816, III, p 3J7 Quoted in B. L. Hutchins and A. Harrison, A History of Factory Legislation

It has already been stated that the objects of the present institution are to prevent the generation of diseases; to obviate the spreading of them by contagion, and to shorten the duration of those which exist, by affording the necessary aids and comforts to the sick. In the prosecution of this interesting undertaking, the Board have had their attention particularly directed to the large cotton factories established in the town and neighbourhood of Manchester; and they feel it a duty incumbent on them to lay before the public the result of their enquiries:

1. It appears that the children and others who work in the large cotton factories, are peculiarly disposed to be affected by the contagion of fever, and that when such infection is received, it is rapidly propagated, not only amongst those who are crowded together in the same apartments, but in the families and neighbourhoods to which they belong.