chapter  6
Rereading Cases: Challenging the Gender of Two Contract Decisions
Pages 22

This chapter will focus on an extended discussion of two cases in Dawson, Harvey, and Henderson. While th e previous chapter concentrated on the impact that the gendered aspects of the casebook have on readers, this chapter will emphasize the impact that readers ' ideas regarding gender have on their understanding of legal doctrine . By analyzing each case from feminist and nonfeminist perspectives , I want to demonstrate that gender-related ideas can be embedded in nonfeminist as well as feminist case readings . My goal in this chapter is to expose and question the gender constraints that often affect case interpretations, and yet, I also hope this chapter will arouse interest and respect for gender-related readings that draw on attitudes and concerns commonly linked with women. Specifically, I want the femi - nist attitudes toward the social history that I describe in conjunction with the first case to change readers' views of that case, and I want the feminist oppositional stance that I adopt in analyzing the second case to lead readers to resist the standard doctrinal synthesis of that material.