chapter  1
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Himani Bannerji: Geography Lessons: On Being an Insider/Outsider to the Canadian Nation

This remains a hypothetical question, since upon "landing" six years later and being labelled an "immigrant," a "visible minority woman," I have remained in limbo. Even after years of being an "immigrant," and upon swearing allegiance to the same Queen of England from whom India had parted, I was not to be a "Canadian." Regardless of my official status as a Canadian citizen, I, like many others, remained an "immigrant." The category "Canadian" clearly applied to people who had two things in common: their white skin and their European North American (not Mexican) background. They did not all speak English. There were two colors in this political atlas-one a beige-brown shading off into black and the other white. These shades did not simply reflect skin colors-they reflected the ideological, political, and cultural assumptions and administrative practices of the Canadian State.