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Integrating Methodologies

And again, it is not an accident that the first act of modern Fascism in every country has been officially and vigorously to dethrone this goddess [reason] and instead to make emotions and obedience the all-ruling principles in education and life from kindergarten to death. (Lewin, 1948,p. 83)

160 +: Becoming a Student of Teaching

The effect [of action research] is not unlike that of making the transition from amateur to professional actor. Through self-monitoring the teacher becomes a conscious artist. Through conscious art he is able to use himself as an instrument of his research. ( pp. 15-16)

162 + Becoming a Student of Teaching

B. Audio-taping. Audio-taping is an easy and effective way to gather data. If you choose this option, make certain you tape relatively often, which will allow you to make comparisons. The difficulty with audio-taping is to make certain you set up a classroom situation and/or find an appropriate placement for the machine to make certain you record useful information. A trial run will be a good idea.