chapter  1
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Getting Oriented

Through the years of experimenting and of testing our hunches, along with our reading about and study of teacher education, we have come to a few conclusions about how to make teacher education more educative. We stand by them, although we realize that with time and increased experience adjustments will likely be necessary, as is indi-

10 + Becoming a Student of Teaching


Work Context


If teaching is collectively viewed as an inherently difficult undertaking, it is both necessary and legitimate to seek and to offer professional assistance. This is exactly what occurs in instructionally successful schools, where, because of strong administrative or faculty leadership, teaching is considered a collective rather than an individual enterprise; requests and offers of assistance among colleagues are frequent; and reasoned intentions, informed choices, and

These, then, are the five assumptions that underpin the methodologies and analyses presented in Becoming a Student of Teaching. We sincerely hope you will critically consider them.