chapter  3
The Pedagogy of Peace: Language Awareness in the Neve Shalom/Wahat AI-Salam Elementary School
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One of the greatest challenges in Israeli society is to overcome the fear and enmity that have evolved through the years of war between Jews and Arabs. One of the Jewish parents very eloquently expressed her hope, shared by all those connected with the school: "We want our children to learn in friendship and joy, not in conflict and sorrow." In order to make friends with "the other," as the residents of this village are doing, we must confront the "other" in the deepest part of our souls, in the psychological no-man's-land where the "foreigner" lurks-"he is the hidden face of our identity, the space that wrecks our abode, the time in which understanding and affinity founder" (Kristeva, 1991, p. 1).