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Section Introduction

In this section of the reader the authors all focus on some particular area of global concern - environmental problems, economic globalisation, technology and peace. The main question is: what attitudes will global citizens take in relation to these areas of concern? All the authors in this section assume a global citizenship perspective, in the sense that they take for granted what has elsewhere been called the ethical component of being a global citizen. Some of the chapters-by Attfield, Smyth and Blackmore, and Dower - also have things to say about the idea of global citizenship, including its links with citizenship and with global civil society, about its institutional embodiment and about the ideal of a global citizen, and thus continue the discussions of the other sections. (Conversely, many of the earlier chapters of course contain discussion of particular issues as illustration of general themes. Section boundaries are not exact.)

In this section introduction we first outline the main ideas of each of the chapters and then make some general remarks by way of comparison and overview.