chapter  19
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Global Citizenship and Peace

If in the 1960s someone asked what being a global citizen was all about the chances are that the answer would have been 'getting involved in the campaign to ban the bomb'; working to alleviate poverty in the third world might have been mentioned but protecting the environment-possibly the area most people would think of first nowadays-would not have been thought of. Since 1989 and the end of the Cold War, the threat of nuclear annihilation has receded in popular consciousness (though it has certainly not gone away). Although there are a few still active in the 'peace movement', most people-even amongst those who think of themselves as world citizens - would not focus on peace issues. What I hope to show in this chapter is that campaigning to get rid of nuclear weapons (though in my opinion still an important goal) is only a small part of what promoting peace is all about and that working for the conditions of peace remains - and should be seen to remain - an important area of concern for anyone who takes the global point of view. There are many ways we either contribute or fail to contribute towards the promotion of peace-ways we may not always recognise as such or see as manifestations of global citizenship.