chapter  3
"It's all about getting things done" Bodies Th/at Work in Cyberpunk Fiction
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Although debates over the culture industries and their impact on contemporary identity continue well into the present day, by the 1980s Americans seemed to be far more preoccupied with the impact of computerized and automated technologies in the workplace. Proponents of these technologies -and the workings of the emergent postindustrial economy they came to represent-prophesied that they would free employees from the burdens of monotonous, alienating physical labor and allow them to become transcendent "new workers" defined by newly-integrated forms of work and a newly-restored intellectual and psychological autonomy. Indeed, enthusiasm for this possibility led Time magazine to give the personal computer its "Man of the Year" award in 1982.' More than a mere tool to restore workers to their rightful place in the world economy, the computer appeared to be an autonomous agent in its own right.