chapter  9
The House I Live In
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While Josh's career was monopolizing much of his attention, there was also plenty happening at home. The White family remembers the Cafe Society years as something of a golden age. When he started there in 1943, he was reportedly earning $75 a week, but by 1946 he was getting $500 weekly, plus whatever he made from concerts, radio, and recordings. There were no financial worries, and during this period, unlike the later years when he would be touring heavily, he was at home. A third daughter, Fern, was born on

With Josh doing so well the two older girls, Bunny and Beverly, were pulled out of the neighborhood public school and transferred to Downtown Community School. As Bunny explains it, the move was in part necessitated by Josh's celebrity: as he became a popular star, the local bullies began to pick on his kids, trying to cut them down to size.