chapter  5
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GIS, structuralism, the birth, the death and the life of planning

The tragedy of feminine design is that it receives so little official support. Most of the world's design schools, having been organized by men, encourage a masculine approach, even when they are run by women. Regardless of their biological sex, and totally regardless of their sexual orientation, designers may be placed into three groups such as hunter designers, nester designers and nester-hunter designers. There should be at least two educational routes, one for the hunter and one for the nester, be they architects, planners, engineers, landscape architects or garden designers. Architects and landscape architects have contributed to the splintering of relationships between planners, designers, builders and clients. In the First World, designer-builder relationships are becoming more diverse. At one time, most construction work was controlled by people sitting at drawing-boards. New educational courses are required for design-led design-and-build. Nesters can employ hunters; hunters can employ nesters; design-and-build organizations can be hunter-led or nesterled.