chapter  Chapter I
Scope and Sources
WithH. G. Quaritch Wales
Pages 11

This inquiry is limited to a study of the State Ceremonies of Siam, and these are primarily Brahmanical with later Buddhist modifications. The reason for this is twofold: In the first place, the State Religion of those countries from which the Siamese derived their civilization in early days was in the main Hinduism, and kingship, wherever it is found, tends to preserve the usages of former times. Secondly, Hinduism is a religion that lends itself especially to the support of that pomp and circumstance inseparable from Absolute Monarchy, the only form of government the Siamese have ever known. To attempt to deal with the popular Buddhist festivals and ceremonies of Siam would be to open up a vast field of research into Siamese Buddhism, far beyond the scope of this work. The historical record of the abolition of a custom several centuries ago may afford valuable evidence as to the present trend of events and the future of the society.