chapter  Chapter XV
The Oath of Allegiance
WithH. G. Quaritch Wales
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One of the most important State Ceremonies from the point of view of the upkeep of the established form of government in Siam is undoubtedly the Drinking of the Water of Allegiance which is celebrated on the same impressive scale as it has been since the days of the Cambodian Empire. The detailed regulations for the manner of taking the Oath by the various classes of officials are described at length by King REima V, who rightly laid great stress on the proper carrying out of the ceremony. The ladies of the palace, as well as members of the royal family, drink the Water of Allegiance, but, of course, with suitable privacy. The text of such an Oath as this does not reflect much credit upon the type of society that requires to use it, the more so as there is no question of merely keeping up an old custom out of respect for ancient tradition.