chapter  Chapter III
Social Organization of the Siamese
WithH. G. Quaritch Wales
Pages 5

The reforms of King Rama V brought about great changes, many of them for the better, in the life of the Siamese masses. Occupying the lowest place in the social scale were the slaves, who were either redeemable debt-slaves, or children born in slavery or sold by their parents, and for whom there was no release; but it must be added that Siamese slavery was always of a very mild type. In short, every effort was made to instil into the Siamese the spirit of independence and the pride of nationality. The Siamese are very devout, but they take their religion light-heartedly, because they are a lighthearted people. Then again most children receive their early education in the monastery schools, and later on it is the custom for every male Siamese to don the yellow robe for at least a few weeks or months.