chapter  Chapter IX
Higher Grades in Royal Consecration
WithH. G. Quaritch Wales
Pages 5

In India the idea of the consecration of kings differed from ours in that there was not a single and final “coronation”, but numerous ascending grades of anointment perhaps throughout the lifetime of the monarch. In Siam there was such a periodical royal consecration, known as pusyabhiseka, which used to take place in the second Siamese lunar month, but it was discontinued after the fall of Ayudhya. Before passing on to the consideration of other Ceremonies of Installation, it will be convenient to pause to note to what extent Siamese Royal Consecration Ceremonies fall into line with those of other countries. In his book on Kingship, Hocart brings forward what appears to very convincing evidence for the common origin of all coronation ceremonies within a very wide area, stretching from Fiji to Western Europe.