The Autobiography of the Theosophist of Tirmidh
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Tirmidhi received the standard education of an Calim of his time. Evidence of this appears throughout his writings. Along with luulith, he repeatedly quotes from works of fiqh that he had studied (I:IT 139, note 2); concerning the terms "ilm el-iuuiith and "ilm el-re'y see also Lpg. 3b, 7-9/Masa:Ji146, 1-5. The designation "ilm al-ra:Jy refers unambiguously to the school of Hanafi fiqh which was dominant in the eastern Islamic lands at that time. (Schimmel's remark in Dimensions 56 f. that Tirmidhi studied Shafi-i jurisprudence in Balkh is erroneous.) For further details see TM 538 ff. Clearly the range of Tirmidhi's education did not include the non-Islamic sciences, such as Greek natural science and philosophy. The thought and terminology of that sphere of learning were unfamiliar to him. For more on this subject see TM, especially 554 f. - It is puzzling that Tirmidhi does not mention his father as his first teacher.