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A ability kormatalla Abkhaz Abkhaz about lätsna academic cilmancha academy akademi academy of sciences cilmanii(n)

akademi accelerator gaz pedal accident avaari accountant bukhgalter adapter adapter address adres administrator küigalkho after t äh'a afternoon delq'a khan t'iah'; in

the afternoon delq’akhan t'iah'; yesterday afternoon selkhan sarah'

age khan agreement dogovor; to sign an

agreement dogovor k'el kug taco

agriculture yurta(n) baakham agronomist agronom aid worker gho desh volu

belkhaloo; gumanitarni gho desh wola

aid belkhi AIDS SPID air hawa' air mail aviya poshta airconditioning konditsiyoner air force V.V.S. airplane keema

airport aeroport airport tax aeroporta(n) nalog air raid bombardirovka alcohol alkogol alcoholic alkagolik alcoholism alkagolizm alive diina(n) all derrig 'a; that’s all! Qi humma

dats! all {plural) massuo 'a all together masso/massara allergic: I’m allergic t o . . . Sa . .