chapter  3
Three ways of looking at the un-arisen: The Same in Kumārajīva's Madhyamaka system
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Volume 25 of the Taisho Tripitaka collates in its contents table the chapter titles of the Dazhidu Lun in five major editions published since the Song dynasty. In the Song, Yuan and Mmg editions, the term ‘three ways of examining the un-arisen’ ( 9c $L) is used as the title of chapter 26 (= fascicle 53). The Sacred Scriptures edition ( lb i£M. ^ ) does not give any particular name to this chapter apart from marking it with a serial number. The Rocky Mountain Temple edition (& iU + ^ ) entitles this chapter simply with the short phrase ‘on the un-arisen’ (9c£~). The Taisho Tripitaka follows the example of the Rocky Mountain Temple edition and drops the expres­ sion ‘three ways of examining’ (-H.*£). From the uncertain nature of its place in various editions of the commentary, we know that the term ‘three ways of examining the un-arisen’ is not an official name for an established doctrine in Chinese Madhyamaka. In taking up this thematic I do not suggest that I am reinstating a forgotten doctrine. Rather, I am describing a recurrent motif that has some­ how been left in the margin by contemporary Buddhist studies.