chapter  5
Deconstruction of time in Dharmapāla's commentary on Āryadeva's Treatise in Four Hundred Verses: The Same in Xuánzàng's Făxiàng system
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In this chapter, we are going to consider the semiotic thought in the Faxiang system as encountered in one of Xuanzang’s translations: Dharmapala’s commentary on Aryadeva’s Treatise in Four Hundred Verses (Vaipulyasatasastra-vydkha, T1571). The treatise proper is a classic statement of the Madhyamaka refutation of six nonBuddhist philosophical systems. The commentary not only clarifies ambiguities, but also analyses the logical grounds of this refutation. We are not going to make a comparative textual analysis of the verse treatise and its prose commentary here. Neither are we going to review the whole critique. We will focus our attention on the semiotic implica­ tions of the logical schema that Dharmapala follows in the com­ mentary, and we will consider only one particular case in which this schema is used: the Buddhist critique of the Vaisesika model of time.