chapter  VI
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Although his famous brother wrote at length on the subject of listening to music, Majd al-Din by no means copied him when he wrote on the same subject. The Bawariq al-ilmof is an independent work in which Majd al-Din deals with the matter in an original manner. If one compares it with his brother’s work, it is obvious that, even where they cover the same ground, Majd al-Din expresses his own thoughts in his own way. He begins by justifying audition and describ­ ing the circumstances in which it can most suitably be con­ ducted.1 Then follows a long section in which he takes up and demolishes the arguments of his opponents.2 Next comes a section in which he discusses the nature and value of audition as a spiritual exercise.3 This is followed by a very valuable section in which he describes in detail how a dhikr should be conducted, quoting Qur’anic and poetical passages which may be suitably used on such occasions.4 Then the work ends on a despondent note in which he voices the plaint heard in all ages, that things are not what they once were.5 Altogether it is a very valuable and lively work, infinitely superior to the arid series of quotations produced by Ibn abi’l-Dunya.