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D. Some Facts and Figures about the Kenana Project

Design Criteria: Irrigation Works: An integrated, irrigated cane sugar Six pump stations, with a capacity of 42 cubic estate cum factory/ refinery complex metres per second and a total lift of between 40 with a planned crushing capacity of and 46 metres, carry the waters of the White 17,000 tonnes of sugar cane per day Nile along 40 kilometres of main canal to and a full production capability in command the plantation area onto which they excess of 300,000 tonnes of white sugar are fed by gravity along some 400 kilometres of per annum. secondary canals following the contours of the

estate. Basic Concept: -Import substitution: 150,000 tonnes Irrigation requirement: per annum minimum for the domestic 800 million gallons per day. market. -Foreign currency generation: balance Estate Roads: of production up to 300,000 tonnes p.a. 328 kilometres of major roads supplemented by for export. a network of 1,500 kilometres of in-field roads.