Chinese Life in Fuhchau
ByJustus Doolittle
Pages 22

Fuhchau, as the name of the city is known among foreigners, being according to the Mandarin pronunciation; Hokchiu, as known to its inhabitants, according to the local pronunciation—the “Happy Region”—is the capital of the province of Fuhkien. It is situated about thirty-five miles from the mouth of the river Min, and two and a half miles from its northern bank, in a valley fifteen miles in diameter from north to south. Its longitude is 119° 20’ East, and latitude 26° 5’ North, a little farther south than the most southern point of Florida. Of the five ports opened to foreign trade and residence at the close of the Opium War, by treaties made in 1842–1844 between China and England, France, and the United States, Fuhchau occupies the central position, being situated between Amoy on the south and Ningpo on the north, and about equally distant from Canton and Shanghai.