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This chapter describes the course and development of the beautiful spirit of chivalry in its historic manifestations and in the various modes it assumed. The Crusaders were enthusiastically devoted to the Church, and defended the Christian religion by force of arms, and in the maturity of chivalry its spirit was pre-eminently displayed in a passionate devotion to the fair sex. Such, then, are its leading phases as outwardly expressed in history. Self-abnegation is a characteristic of those imbued with the spirit of chivalry, if needs be, to make sacrifice for the lives of others, without counting the cost. The weapons of this spiritual warfare are taken from the 'armoury of knighthood,' and are made use of metaphorically to illustrate the doctrines and truths of Christianity. Philanthropy, sister of noble chivalry and chaste and amiable handmaid of Christianity, is actively engaged in upraising the fallen and degraded out of the mire of crime, poverty, and wretchedness.