chapter  Chapter II
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The Making of Southern Nigeria

WithArthur Norton Cook

The chastisement of the Egbas inaugurated a period of quiet, peaceful development under the able leadership of Glover. In 1891 Governor Garter inaugurated vigorous measures to end anarchy and bring Yoruba-land under British control. Nigeria offered exceptional opportunities for the experiment because it had a considerable trade already and was thought to possess great potentialities. In 1914 the House Rule Proclamation was repealed when Southern Nigeria was merged with Northern Nigeria by Sir Frederick Lugard. The merger of Lagos with the Protectorate of Southern Nigeria in 1906 was a logical step in the developmentof a unified administrative system. The cancellation of the charter of the Royal Niger Company in 1900 and the establishment of the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria in the same year, together with the appointment of a high commissioner, had simplified matters somewhat. All officials became responsible to the Colonial Office.