chapter  Chapter VI
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Amalgamation and Unification

WithArthur Norton Cook

The eight years that elapsed from the retirement of Sir Frederick Lugard in 1906 to the union of Northern and Southern Nigeria in 1914 were years of peaceful, steady development. Despite the difficulties that were certain to arise because of the situation, it was decided, late in 1911, to unify the two Nigerias. The first step in the process of unification had been taken in 1906, when Lagos and Southern Nigeria, hitherto separate colonies, were merged under the name of “The Colony and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria.” The commission, during the course of its investigation, discovered that the line in Southern Nigeria had been constructed in a faulty manner and that the cost had been excessive. This influenced the commissioners to urge unification of control. It also served to bring matters to a head by hastening the decision in favor of amalgamation.