chapter  XII
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Is competition in the educational evolution of the Gold Coast in general and Cape Coast in particular undesirable and unchristian ? This was the note of interrogation we pointed in our issue before the last, and which we promised to deal with this week. Now, Cape Coast being the radiant and radial centre of all activities tending to the development of the Colony and Protectorate, it is not surprising that the consensus opinion of all promoters and organizers of the Higher Education should focus upon our town as their base of operations, and since there appears to be room enough for all, the problem above propounded becomes easy of solution. All competition has its bene-ficent side. It is an indispensable prerequisite, as a principle of nature, in all progress and growth. Competition is useful when its sole object is to develop the resources of nature. It is, however, undesirable, unchristian, and diabolical when it spells a pitiless struggle to monoplise and to over-reach—when it means :—" Every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost."