chapter  III
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The typical Fantee is severely critical, if nothing else. He is rarely tempted to attempt what he cannot perform to perfection himself, and is therefore highly intolerant of any venturesome individual who either aims too high or tries to shoot beyond his mark. The highest ambition must be to consolidate scattered interests, to bring to a focus every pure thought and noble idea; to collect together whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report in the systems, customs, laws, methods, processes, and general economy of things that obtain on soil, and to strive in unity and in the bond of peace to encompass the redemption and regeneration of nation. There is no room for the assumption that every person who sacrifices his time, talents and means to create a change in the monotonous conditions of vegetable life in Homeland, does so to court popularity or to display his learning.