chapter  IV
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WE had 110W been five days, at Tscltelga, and, as we did not know how much longer we might be detained in that place before we obtained the royal permission to take the Ilecessary measures to achieve the object which had prompted our long and toilsorne journey, I thought it advisable to visit the Governor of the province, who, as ,ve were informed, stood high in the royal favour. The residence of this chief being in the mountains at the extreme north-west corner of the province of Tschelga, a distance of seven hours from our camping ground, I mounted at a very early hour, and, accompanied by three natives, rode over the plain towards the Alll0a, or natural fort of the Palambaras. The path was easy, and the north wind, which blew in cool gllsts down from the mountains, refreshed the atmosphere and expedited our progress. Towards ten 0'clock" after mallY a tedious and fatiguing scramble

over almost perpendicular rocks and heights, we emerged through a juniper and euphorbia forest on a plateau, above which, encircled by dizzy abysses, rose the furrowed and frowning Anlba.