chapter  V
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THE name of King 'I'heodoros, though familiar to the Arab and the Galla-the peasant on the Nile, in the west, and the wild shepherd on the desert along the Red Sea, ill the east-is still, owing to the remoteness of his country, and the obscurity of his people, little known to Europe and European fame. We hear of him, whenever a volcanic eruption occurs on the outskirts of his territory, or French emissaries, prompted by religious zeal and political intrigue, excite a rebel's fatal hope in T£gre j but little, very little, is still known about the eventful and romantic history of the man, who, from a poor boy, in a reed-built convent, became the chief of a few freebooters, and from a chief of freebooters, the conqueror of numerous provinces, and the Sovereign of a great and extensive realm.