chapter  XVII
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WE had now been nineteen days at Gondar, and not thinking it advisable to protract our stay, we set out again on our missionary journey. Our route was west-south-west across the hills which, like Cyclopean embattlements, encompass Gondar. At Assaso, a suburb, an hour's distance from the metropolis, there are still some gardens and a church which remind the vain Abyssinian of the superiority of the Franks, who saved Ethiopia from the yoke of Islamism, but injudiciously endeavoured to impose on her the 110 less detested manacles of Popery. ""Ve here re-arranged our books, which pressed heavily on the saddleless backs of our mules, and then through a steep and narrow defile pushed on to ManefJer Gabriel, a hamlet hidden in a forest of acacias, wanza, worka, and other tropical trees and plants. We had SOIne difficulty in extricating 0111" feet from the rank weeds and tangled parasites, which every-

where barred our 011ward progress. Bruised and bleeding, we reached the Shum's hut, and there in a field of pumpkins, we cleared a small space for our tent. After a supper of excellent milk, and an abundance of vegetables, a luxury we had not enjoyed for many weeks, we retired to rest, and, reclining on soft grass and aromatic herbs, slept, in deflance of mosquitoes and hyenas, quite as soundly in the African wilderness as we could have done in the most luxurious chamber in the heart of civilized Europe.