chapter  XVIII
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To employ our time profitably, ,ve availed ourselves of the interval that elapsed before the news of our arrival reached the scattered Falaska settlements to make SOllie missionary excursions in the neighbourhood. lVol/!Jida being one of the nearest villages, we rode there early the following morning. Several Jewish peasants, who were weeding the green teff fields, when they saw lIS, left their agricultural implements, and quickly hurried away to communicate the tidings. 'I'he intelligence evidently produced great consternation. \Ve immediately conjectured, that the vicious Amharas had also here plied their mischievous tongues to sow distrust and alarm. To ascertain the truth, we dispatched Debterak Negousee into tlie enclosure which, everywhere in Habesh, secures the homes of Israel from the polluting foot of the unbeliever. He soon returned with a knot of Falashas, who candidly told us that every Ulan, woman, and child would have gladly assembled to hear us, had they not been frightened by a report, that we were

my village, for I want to converse with you alone, and also afford my people the opportunity of hearing the good tidings you proclaim." We promised to accept his invitation, which so pleased him, that he ordered that portion of the Scripture which they possessed to be brought out; and, whilst the women were shouting their shrill la, la, la, and the priests were bravely intoning some verses on purification, we took our departure.