chapter  XIX
Pages 27

The sun had not yet dissipated the dewy vapours of a chilly night, when a whole group of Falashas, engaged in earnest converse, approached our tent. TIle shama was instantly thrown over our shoulders, and, wrapt in the folds of this convenient garb, we were, without the waste of a minute, in full Abyssinian dress. Our kind friends of the previous day had no sooner squatted down on the wet grass than they seized the Amharic Bible, and, turning over its leaves, pointed out to their acquaintances several Messianic passages, which no doubt had been the theme of their evening discussion. I assisted their researches, and then left them to Mr. Flad, who for more than an hour conversed with them, on the tender love and compassion of our God, as revealed in the sufferings and death of the Redeemer.