chapter  XXVIII
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Haiphong on French Government coal ? " " We did that, sir, and what's more it hasn't cost us a

So Northwood once more went back to the Borneo coast in good fighting trim.

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Well, it seemed all right, and there were many brilliant examples to lead both the Captain and his son astray, of which perhaps the most conspicuous was that of Bernhard Stahl, sometime bookkeeper of the firm of Rudesheimer and Co., a well-known German concern. Stahl was a very gay and open-handed creature, of whom his afflicted chief used to tell sad and scandalous things. Finally he gave him the sack. Stahl, being practically penniless and not knowing from where he could get assistance, bethought himself of the wealthy Captain Northwood, who was reported to be a man of a generous disposition. So he walked round early one morning to Greenwood, told Northwood of his troubles, and admitting

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