chapter  V
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British Policy 1920 to 1922: Subsidies and Frontiers

The period from the end of World War I to the signature of the 'Uqair Protocols in December 1922 which defined the Kuwait-Najd and lraq-Najd frontiers is distinguished mainly by three factors. Firstly, ibn Sa'ud, his power ever on the increase, endeavoured relentlessly to extend his frontiers to the limits of the early nineteenth century W ahhabi Empire. In 1920 he conquered the mountain districts of 'Asir.1 In 1921 ibn Sa'ud captured Hail and in 1922 he annexed Jauf in northernmost Arabia. Given this Sa 'udi expansion and the British policy of king-making in Iraq and Transjordan, ibn Sa'ud proceeded to clash not only with Kuwait but with Iraq and before long, with Trans jordan.